Who are we

We started in 2007. as a sole proprietorship with a goal of helping our partners with Open Source based solutions. We started small, helping few organizations in re-taking control of their e-mail services and empowering their horizontal scale out.

Soon enough our customer base grew and we started working with international partners, such are Intel and Canonical. We formalized our partnership with Canonical in 2011. and started providing more than just technical services. This partnership has been growing to this day.

As the time went on, we decided to incorporate and explore different areas of the industry. While we are working on establishing these new branches, we also made sure our partners keep getting the same, if not better, value from our core business - integrated solutions. For this reason we spread our expertise to networking and non-Open Source solutions.

Today, Dlivio is positioned as one stop shop for all your IT needs; services, hardware, consulting and migrations. The extent to which we go can be demonstrated by the fact that some of our partners are, in fact, no longer our customers. We helped them transition to self serviced solutions that do not require extensive IT support.

Our solutions are recognized by many in the industry, we have provided sponsorship to Linux conferences in Croatia and we are the people behind some of the most challenging projects in the country.